Here are

two projects from the class, two hand-made books of original work from Ashley and Norma. Ashley’s, on top, has an image of her grandparents on the dust-jacket, and Norma’s, below, was designed to reflect the colours of the Kalahari desert, the region described in the brief memoir within. Beautiful work; I am so proud of them!R9rySNo+Ql+PBDS%FGsmSw

Mini-book-binding workshop

in Fredericton at the NB College of Craft and Design:

The Art of Book Making
Instructor: Denise Rowe
Saturday February 23, 9am – 4pm

From the website:

Spend a relaxing day making a personal, handmade Coptic-stitched bound journal. We will design and make unique front and back covers. There will be lots of folding; sewing, some gluing, and we will learn a few neat booky terms along the way.

COURSE COST: $85 + HST (ONE 6 HOUR CLASS) to be paid in order to register
MATERIAL COST: $20.00 to be paid to the instructor the day of the workshop.

This would only be a taste compared to the six-week NSCAD course that Norma described, but it might be a good taster for anyone wondering if they wanted to commit to a longer course.

[Image: example of coptic binding, Wikipedia]

Just watched

a fascinating film on Netflix from the Coen brothers called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Highly recommended. Of interest to us because it is an “anthology” film — six separate stories — and each is framed by turning pages in an old-fashioned illustrated book with tissue-paper covering the illustrations. Each story riffs on various myths of the “old west” (from a settler perspective).

And a third thing

Some exciting on-line projects, and two videos on medieval book-making and manuscripts:

Online collections



[Image from Behold the Beautiful Pages from a Medieval Monk’s Sketchbook]


Two things

  1. The schedule has been updated.
  2. Here are some photos of weird and wonderful books with links to articles in Open Culture, a rich, highly recommended site: